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Michelle Katz is a talented artist, well known in the Arizona clay community for her work and her unique clay learning center, Desert Dragon Pottery. Michelle produces one-of-a-kind clay artwork, handmade tile and functional pottery for everyday use, as well as collaborating with customers and teaching students to design artwork and pottery for their needs.

She has a degree in fine arts and has worked in clay for over twenty-five years.

Michelle operates her professional studio from her rural acreage in North Phoenix.

Michelle has been a very active participant in the statewide pottery guild, Arizona CLAY.

Mishy's resume

Artist Statement - August 2007
"From the first time I worked extensively with clay, I felt a connection to it, and a passion for it that has never waned."

The above was the opening to my artist statement in 2000 and is still true. Added to that now are a few years of teaching and making and helping other clay enthusiasts pursue their clay dreams.

Clay is a medium offering a unique combination of inspiration and challenge and has a mysterious capacity to induce a passion upon its partisans, capturing our souls for a lifetime. We happily surrender ourselves to the ever-intriguing and humbling fascination. I have worked with clay for over 25 years, creating beautiful and functional pottery, tile and sculpture. The imagery, textures and colors that weave throughout all my work reflect my love for nature, animals and the earth.

I have been fortunate and intent enough in my life to weave my avocation into vocation, by taking on different avenues that involve the challenges and rewards of working with clay in art and design. Teaching in my studio, and others is an ever-satisfying way to live my art and help draw that creative spirit out of unsuspecting students. Desert Dragon Pottery is a unique clay-learning center where many working artists are able to make use of varied firing techniques including cone ten reduction, raku, naku (naked raku), primitive firing and saggar to finish their artwork.

The combination of teaching, designing for others, and pursuing my own ideas has been a great cross-stimulation for ongoing impetus and inspiration. I hope to continue doing what I do until I pass from this plane!

~ Mishy


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Desert Dragon Pottery

25037 N 17th Ave Phoenix AZ 85085
(602) 690-6956

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Background image; Raku fired wallpiece by Mishy

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